Aztlan books is a high adventure series with all the thrills and excitement of the Hunger Games but set in present day California. 

   Four teenagers stumble upon a major terrorist attack about to commence in Southern California.  Four crop dusting planes loaded with nerve gas are ready to take off from an abandoned air strip in the desert outside Los Angles when they are discovered by four teenagers. They manage to steal a laptop containing vital information and an antidote from the terrorists, then contact Homeland Security before they are relentlessly pursued by the terrorists bent on revenge for disrupting the attack.  They end up being the only US citizens immune from the nerve gas after taking the antidote and the United States Government is forced to use them in it's fight against the continuing nerve gas attacks.  Many twists and turns occur as they bond together and are forced to fight for their lives.

  Book one “Aztlan” and book two “Aztlan the Abduction” are complete.  Book three is nearing completion.

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